Hello there, Robin here.

Well, most of you know I’m new with the blogger fairies, and ermm, I would love to meet most of the blogger fairies, and Well, I thought I could hold meet-ups! 😀 Because I wanted to know more about other fairies, and have well, fun!

(Rather before Sept. 8th though, cause my school starts then 🙂 )

Just tell me the :

  • Server
  • Meadow Or Room
  • Time zone (DONOT forget the Time zone, ever 😛 )

I’d love to meet everyone especially other blogger fairies, as I am new to the blogging community! 🙂


It would be amazing to see you, and then I wouldn’t have to be lonely all the time! 🙂


6 responses to this post.

  1. first tell me what time zone you’re in, then i’ll tell you what time to meet me at, but at sunflower gully in lily peak, look for sunrise starbeam dressed like this picture


  2. Great, THAT’s Awesome, So we might meet now, today, I mean? It would be awesome!


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