helping hand

Hello, fairies!

I’ve decided to make this, err, special kind of thing for helping new fairies out on Pixie Hollow. Well, it’s kinda like what was on Echo’s blog, “The big pixie, little pixie”, but it’s like a tour guides group.

For example,

If you’re a water-talent, you can collect several new “water”-talents, to show around Pixie Hollow, it would be much easier for the fairies to learn if they’re the same talent as the “tour guide”, and the “tour guide” can show them their talent games, and more!

I thought, we might have some kind of err, uniform, you can say? But as fairies nowadays, especially non-member fairies, are now collecting diamonds to buy stuff, animal friends and more, I might decide on just quitting the uniform idea , or maybe a secret-code item might help as a kind of symbol for the tour guide fairies?

If you think this is a good idea, please tell me in the comments, and if you’d like to join as a tour guide, please enter your fairy name, and talent in your comments.

Cya! 🙂



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