Leaving For A While

Hello guys, Robin it is.

Today, you can say is my last post for at least a week? My school’s started and my family have decided to go to a holdiay just in the second week of school, I’m pretty worried, about it as I’ll have to cover alot of work after I come back. Ugh, I’m beginning to despise 6th grade. 

I have three new subjects to cover, Chemistry, Bio and Physics, and my Physics teacher, I can say already HATES me.

It’s going to be pretty hard now as I’ve to finish all my missed work and prepare for those surprise tests my Physics teacher gives us. 

ImageYes, that’s my book. And anyways, Good-bye fairies, Good-bye! See you next Saturday! 🙂




Harmony’s Sweet Shop

Hello there, fellow fairies.

Today, flying around the hollow, here’s what I noticed.



Well, you must remember Harmony’s Home collection in Neverberry Thicket, don’t you? Well, the furniture shop has just closed down and a new shop, which is a sweet shop has been opened. I searched around everywhere looking for the shop, but it isn’t there anymore. Now, you can just buy cookies, silly sweets and well, stuff you eat.



I kind of do miss the furniture shop, but I couldn’t have bought anything anyway, and at least I could buy cookies for myself at a low price? I don’t know, I think I like it, but then all the same, I feel like having the Harmony’s Home Collection back.

Anyways, here’s some pics of the new shop in the Hollow!



Here’s how it’s on the outside, but below you can see how it’s from the inside.



It is pretty colorful inside, I like the place, but I can think some people might not like Harmony’s Home Collection being removed. But some people, like me, might just think it’s useful because we can’t Personal Bake, at Dulcie’s, though this costs diamonds.

Here’s some of the stuff you can buy inside, the price range goes up to 1-3 diamonds, 3 for special silly sweets, or cupcakes, that is.



Well, here’s the newest shop in the Hollow, harmony’s Sweet Shop, tell me what YOU think of this new shop in the comments.


Hurrah For Troop Glowworm!

Hi guys, Robin here.


Today begins the first day of “Troop Glowworm!”. I’m pretty excited about this, because I missed most of the troop spirit weeks, and this time, it’s the last troop! Oh, and if you can get 5 fairies to dress up in light talent shirts, using the  glowworm emote, you get a Troop Glowworm silly sweet!


Ah, On the leaderboard of Gem Juggle? Leave it to me! Gem Juggle here I come! I hope you’re all ready for your Troop Glowworm Spirit Weeks! Ciao!


September Fashion Preview

Hello guys, Robin here, with flitterfic news!

Fly with you, fashionistas! Arriving Friday, September 7, the September shop collections are sure to have just the thing to get your pixie wardrobes ready for autumn. Check out the picture for a preview of a petal-riffic outfit coming to Summit Style! Plus, by popular request, Bella’s Baubles will be selling brand-new cross-body purses!

Just a Fairy friendly reminder — be sure to show your pixie manners in shops, including the Pixie Post Office. The Pixie Hollow Code of Conduct has the full scoop on what does and doesn’t fly in the Hollow. If someone is bothering you, you can always click the “Ignore” button in their profile to hide their chat.


To view original post, click here.

This is so flitterific! The new items would be coming out on the September 7th, and these are to fly-for! And Bella’s baubles, will finally be adding cross-body purses, the perfect look for an adventurer! And the ignore button, is also a very useful tool, rather with mean fairies, or fairies who keep begging for gifts and other stuff. Now, I could peacefully work on my blog, without any other fairies whispering me constantly asking me, whether I can gift them a little something at the Pixie Post Office! But, also those fashions are beautiful!

I wish it was September, already! 😀



Secret Of The Wings : Fashion Friends Art Contest

Well, as you know about the new pixie movie : “Secret Of The Wings” is coming out October 23rd! 😀 To celebrate this upcoming release, “Pixie Hollow” is holding a “Fashion Friends Art Contest“. For the contest, you need to create a winter-themed  Fairy outfit.

One Lucky winner will receive prizes to “SHARE” with their friends, including :

  • TWO Disney Fairies Fashion Prize Packs!
  • TWO bundles of 1000 Pixie Diamonds!
  • PLUS have their design made available as a virtual outfit in Pixie Hollow!


To enter, create an image of a Fairy wearing an original winter-themed outfit (including a top, bottom and shoes) and submit your design between now and noon (PST) on August 29, 2012.

There are two ways you can enter the contest :

Please send original hand-drawn art only and no screenshots. Good luck!

(***NOTE:Entries Must Be Recieved by 12:00 Noon (PST) August 29, 2012. Click here for the official Contest Rules.
*Only one entry accepted per account.***)

Oh Well, I’ve already sent MY entry, have you guys? You better hurry, because the contest ends on August 29th. And here’s my entry :


Well, I know I’m not very good at drawing, but my idea was to make a little elfy kinda dress? 😛

Tell me what you think of it!


Sweet Pea’s Necklace!

Hi there, Robin here!

Today, I was looking over at the News section, of Pixie Hollow Central, and stumbled upon some of the comments :

See original post and comment, here

Well, As you can see what “Cupcake” says, Sweet Pea’s barette had been in the Pixie Post Office, and she also requested Sweet Pea’s necklace! And , I have to agree that necklace IS a Classic piece!

As before you’ve seen, how Marigold had helped getting three beautiful dresses, into the Pixie Post Office, this time we might get Sweet Pea’s necklace if we try!

Oh well, Let’s all try and send a message to the Never Council here, to try for Sweet Pea’s necklace?

 – – – – – – – – – – — – –  – – – —  – – – – – — – – – – – – — – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – — – – – – – — – – —

Here’s What I Tried:

Dear Never Council,
I saw that you had released Sweet Pea’s barette once into the Pixie Post Office. I always had an eye over Sweet Pea’s necklace! It has been a classic! I am not a member though, I’d rather be happy to buy diamonds to get the necklace! I’m sure, it’d be a huge hit, It’s a masterpiece.

Thanks For Your Time,
Robin Plumwings

– – – – – – – – – – — – –  – – – —  – – – – – — – – – – – – — – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – — – – – – – — – – — –


I received my reply today as I checked my e-mail:

"Hi Robin, 

Thanks for writing in to Pixie Hollow today. 

I'll have to agree, Sweet Pea's necklace is to-fly-for! That Fairy sure has a sense of style! I'd be happy
 to let the Never Council know you'd like to see Sweet Pea's rose necklace available in the Post Office. 
 We can't promise that this will be able to happen but I encourage you to keep your wings crossed! 

Enjoying Troop Turtle Spirit Weeks so far? Let us know what you "tink"! Fly on over if you have any 
questions as we're happy to help. 

Take care, 

Pixie Hollow Member Services "

- - - - - - - - - - -- - -  - - - --  - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -

Please, do try and message the Never Council for this! 🙂

This necklace would be a huge hit if so! 🙂


This Awesome Glitch Strawberry found! And now as non-members get diamonds and dyes when they level up, we can do this too! 😀 Yay! Thanks to Strawberry! 😀

I always thought that every secret code could only be redeemed once, but today that was proven wrong.

My second account’s membership is going to run out in a week, so today I was busy buying lots of ‘brooke’s basics’ items, and dying them so that I would have colorful clothes after my membership runs out. I noticed that I could dye the cami top & poppy skirt.
After I dyed them, I looked through my warbrobe again & realized that I didnt have the derby hat.
So I logged off, entered all of the codes, and flew back into the hollow. I looked at my wardrobe & was super surprised when I saw that I had been given another rose cami top & poppy skirt.

Just to make sure that it didnt work on just the first fairy (if you have more than one) I tried it again.


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