Harmony’s Sweet Shop

Hello there, fellow fairies.

Today, flying around the hollow, here’s what I noticed.



Well, you must remember Harmony’s Home collection in Neverberry Thicket, don’t you? Well, the furniture shop has just closed down and a new shop, which is a sweet shop has been opened. I searched around everywhere looking for the shop, but it isn’t there anymore. Now, you can just buy cookies, silly sweets and well, stuff you eat.



I kind of do miss the furniture shop, but I couldn’t have bought anything anyway, and at least I could buy cookies for myself at a low price? I don’t know, I think I like it, but then all the same, I feel like having the Harmony’s Home Collection back.

Anyways, here’s some pics of the new shop in the Hollow!



Here’s how it’s on the outside, but below you can see how it’s from the inside.



It is pretty colorful inside, I like the place, but I can think some people might not like Harmony’s Home Collection being removed. But some people, like me, might just think it’s useful because we can’t Personal Bake, at Dulcie’s, though this costs diamonds.

Here’s some of the stuff you can buy inside, the price range goes up to 1-3 diamonds, 3 for special silly sweets, or cupcakes, that is.



Well, here’s the newest shop in the Hollow, harmony’s Sweet Shop, tell me what YOU think of this new shop in the comments.



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