September Fashion Preview

Hello guys, Robin here, with flitterfic news!

Fly with you, fashionistas! Arriving Friday, September 7, the September shop collections are sure to have just the thing to get your pixie wardrobes ready for autumn. Check out the picture for a preview of a petal-riffic outfit coming to Summit Style! Plus, by popular request, Bella’s Baubles will be selling brand-new cross-body purses!

Just a Fairy friendly reminder — be sure to show your pixie manners in shops, including the Pixie Post Office. The Pixie Hollow Code of Conduct has the full scoop on what does and doesn’t fly in the Hollow. If someone is bothering you, you can always click the “Ignore” button in their profile to hide their chat.


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This is so flitterific! The new items would be coming out on the September 7th, and these are to fly-for! And Bella’s baubles, will finally be adding cross-body purses, the perfect look for an adventurer! And the ignore button, is also a very useful tool, rather with mean fairies, or fairies who keep begging for gifts and other stuff. Now, I could peacefully work on my blog, without any other fairies whispering me constantly asking me, whether I can gift them a little something at the Pixie Post Office! But, also those fashions are beautiful!

I wish it was September, already! 😀




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