This Awesome Glitch Strawberry found! And now as non-members get diamonds and dyes when they level up, we can do this too! 😀 Yay! Thanks to Strawberry! 😀

I always thought that every secret code could only be redeemed once, but today that was proven wrong.

My second account’s membership is going to run out in a week, so today I was busy buying lots of ‘brooke’s basics’ items, and dying them so that I would have colorful clothes after my membership runs out. I noticed that I could dye the cami top & poppy skirt.
After I dyed them, I looked through my warbrobe again & realized that I didnt have the derby hat.
So I logged off, entered all of the codes, and flew back into the hollow. I looked at my wardrobe & was super surprised when I saw that I had been given another rose cami top & poppy skirt.

Just to make sure that it didnt work on just the first fairy (if you have more than one) I tried it again.


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